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Hire our piano moving company today that offers detailed household and commercial relocation services. Most professional piano moving in Richmond Hill companies usually facilitate a stress-free experience during the relocation process. Either locally or long-distance.

The main focus of an ideal moving company should be item safety and efficient transportation.

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Categories of piano moving

There are several relocation categories offered by moving companies – depending on what you (as the homeowner) are planning to move.

Similarly, moving prices are different, and the expertise required varies greatly (depending on each category).

Here are the most common classifications to find.

Residential piano moving

Residential piano moving is cumbersome. Especially when you are alone. Appliances, for instance, are heavy and fragile; and you might lack the appropriate moving boxes. The distance can also be an issue.

Hence, you need a residential moving company in that case.

Moving companies have the appropriate skills, tools, and materials to make any move stress free and safe. Professional movers handle items with care to eliminate loss or damage of household items.

A full house moving service should include living room furniture, kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture, and other bulky home appliances.

Movers ensure items are packed, labeled, transported, and unpacked.

Common services offered:

  1. Packing & unpacking services
  2. Housekeeping services
  3. Sale of unwanted furniture or items
  4. Décor services
  5. Electronic connectivity
  6. Television and satellite installations
  7. Labeling of items before moving
  8. Furniture assembling and fixing
  9. Refurbishing furniture
  10. Cleaning and pest control

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Commercial piano moving

Most office commercial pianos are expensive and fragile. Luckily, experienced movers understand how to handle the moving process.

Professional packers will also relocate your business to a new location securely.

Most commercial piano moving comprises tenancy management, record management, cargo & logistic services, hospitality business, and your entire corporate relocation.

A commercial moving company often ensures all your documents are secured and accounted for.

They also guarantee that your daily work routine is not affected. The moving process is fast and you can continue with the business as usual.

Lastly, expert commercial movers help you in data and record accountability to safeguard record keeping.

Common services offered

  1. Art décor
  2. Connection to electronic devices
  3. Satellite installation
  4. Internet installations
  5. Record and data management
  6. Equipment security
  7. Labeling

Secure piano storage

This involves the safekeeping of household and office items until the collection date. Secure storage arrangements and warehousing services are usually offered on household and business items.

Most professional movers classify warehousing into two main branches. Household storage and commercial storage. This arrangement helps in high-value storage dissemination.

Similarly, grouping is important to reduce contamination and allow easy access to items.

Common services offered

  1. Logistics and distribution
  2. Packaging and crating
  3. Warehousing
  4. Labeling
  5. 24/7 security guard protection
  6. Relocation services
  7. Risk insurance
  8. Pickup and delivery services

Piano moving company core values

Professional movers should have core values and principles to help in customer satisfaction and maintain the company's solid reputation.

A good piano moving company should have these distinct values

  • Security
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Outstanding services
  • Time conscious